Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Lesson Learned

Recently I awoke my wife from a nap. It was near supper time and I was hungry. I thought to prevent hunger in her as well. Therefore I urged her to start cooking soon. She disagreed, quite vociferously. She backed her opinion with a long, loud list of work she had recently completed. She recited the list for a full hour with no sign of quitting. When she started to wave her rolling pin at me, I thought it best to visit a friend in town.

Her response to my helpful suggestion reminded me of the firefly who fell in love with a lit cigar. He thought his dear one was reluctant to fly and so tried to help by pushing it off the window ledge on which it had been placed. The cigar fell into a pile of dry leaves. The leaves burst into flame and the flames soon engulfed the house. The firefly retreated in amazement.

“I will never push you again” he exclaimed, “- especially if it means watching all hell break loose!”

Copyright © 2012 Laurie J. Anderson. All rights reserved.

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