Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Little Music In Dahlonega

I am back from Dahlonega, where I hosted another Mountain Music and Medicine Show. The performers were the Rosin Sisters, George Norman, Whit Connah, Alex Thomlinson and Friends, the  Buzzard Mountain Boys and a duo who called themselves “Two-Toed Squid.” I did not ask the latter why they called themselves thus. I once made the mistake of asking an Apache warrior why he was called “Chuckling Bear” and spent next three days pulling cactus spines out of my hat.

So I no longer ask people the origin of their names. I make up an answer. In this case I believe that the musicians belonging to the band in question were such a rare and memorable pool of talent that they had to give themselves an equally rare and memorable name. Keep that in mind when you name your own children….but remember that “Two-Toed Squid” is taken.

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