Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Famous Gunfight

Some years ago I was in the town of Tombstone in the Arizona Territory. There I witnessed a violent fracas between one of my customers, his friends and some lawmen. Unfortunately, the lawmen shot his bottle of Wizard Water© right out of his hand before he could make use of it. He had no recourse but to reach for his gun. For this he received a bullet shot to his head, under his right ear. This is a shot from which it is difficult to recover unless you have partaken of Wizard Water© first -- which he had not. If my client had guarded his purchase long enough to use it, I know the outcome would have been much different.

So never let your bottle of Wizard Water© get shot out of your hand. I think my poor former client would be alive today if he had observed that rule. Then no one would ever have heard of the infamous gunfight inside the vacant lot near the alley across from the McDonald house on Fremont Street in the town of Tombstone in the Arizona Territory.

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