Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last Week's Show

Georgia Public BroadcastingWe had a little excitement when I was in Dahlonega last week. Woodrow Parks reported that there was a shoplifter in the area. He says a fellow walked into his drygoods store and spent a lot of time in the lingerie section. When Woodrow tried to confront him, the man disappeared. Woodrow says the stranger just gave him the slip.

So Woodrow noticed his stock was low and called the sheriff to report a theft. The sheriff came and asked him if he could provide the particulars. Woodrow said no, the stranger ran off with them. The sheriff said what he meant was: did he have a description? Woodrow told the sheriff he was pretty sure the stranger only took silk. So if you see this fellow, let the sheriff know.

I can't help you if you missed the thief, but if you missed last week's show, you can view some pictures of it in my photograph album.

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