Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yankee and Other Languages

I have been learning a new language, to help widen sales of Wizard Water©. Of course as a doctor I must know Latin, but most folks don’t speak Latin, and it even confuses a few pharmacists when I write a prescription (I am often asked to translate “izard-way ater-way”).

So now I’m learning “Yankee.” It’s like English, but louder. Already I can say “Wassamatta?” (“What’s the matter?”), “Gedowdadaway” (Get out of the way) and “Yoozegize” (Y’all). I expect to be fluent fairly soon, as languages come easily to me.

Next I will take up “Washington Politician.” I would like to seek funding for my perpetual motion machine and luminescent dairy cow, and it may help.

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