Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mountain Music & Medicine Show Returns for the New Year

John MusslewhiteWell, the sheriff was kind enough to let me set up the wagon in Dahlonega again last night and, judging by the audience's reaction, he had no reason to be sorry. Miss Maggie Mae Robinson and young Aaron Covert, neither yet out of grade school, had the crowd cheering for their fiddling and singing; The Musslewhite family -- mom Cindy on guitar/mandolin, Morgan on fiddle, Molly on banjo, Luke on mandolin, and John on bass fiddle -- thrilled everyone with their heartfelt old-time style;

Fool's Gold

Fool's Gold's hard-driving instrumentals had the crowd stomping and clapping; Mist on the Mountain worked their usual magic and the Solstice Sisters' three-part harmony was pure tonic to one and all.

The Solstice Sisters and friendsThe Solstice Sisters' sound was so health-inducing, in fact, that during rehearsal some of the fried chicken that Mrs. Smith provides to the cast and crew reverted to its pre-fried state and ran away, and during the show Woodrow Park's cane started dancing by itself. I have tried to figure out how to bottle that sound, but so far without success. I will keep trying however, so expect to see them and our other guests asked back (just in case it was a matter of overall chemistry).

Mist on the MountainSpeaking of being asked back, I plan to return to Dahlonega again in March, even though the sheriff hasn't insisted on this. I have learned from past experience that it is wiser not to wait for the sheriff to insist on anything.

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