Sunday, December 20, 2009

Delivering the Goods

Kris KringleKris Kringle and I have a friendly rivalry regarding who is the better distributor of goods. Recently I bet him a 20-dollar gold piece that I could transport 50 cases of Wizard Water© from Atlanta to Nix’s grocery store in Dahlonega before he could. He agreed to the challenge and the next day we both set off from from Piedmont Park with 50 cases in each of our vehicles. Well, even with shortcuts it took me a week to reach the mountains of Lumpkin County. When I finally arrived at Mr. Nix’s store, there was Kringle sitting by my cases on the front porch, strumming a mandolin.

“You’re late!” he boomed. “I’ve been waiting here for six days!”

“The roads were icy,” I replied, “but it looks like you beat me here, fair and square.”

“You don’t seem very upset,” said Kringle.

I shrugged. “Well, Mr. Nix told me last month that a patent medicine agent from New York City would be at his establishment this week. He’s willing to pay $20 dollars a case for my wondrous Wizard Water, if the agent can get 100 cases by today. The wagon will only hold 50 cases, though. I’m sure glad you took me up on that bet.”

I paid Kris the gold piece and wished him a good day.

I expect to get another bag of coal this year, but the old guy never brings me the trick dice I ask for anyway.

* * *

Dedicated to Tony and Ann.

copyright ©2009 Laurie J. Anderson, all rights reserved.

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