Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mountain Music and Medicine Show Lights Up the Stage

What a great Mountain Music and Medicine Show last night! I don't know if it was my Wizard Water©, or the full moon, or a combination of the two -- and perhaps the spring air as well -- but the musicians outdid themselves. The performance standard was set high at the start by a very talented young girl named Hannah From, who played banjo accompanied by the Buzzard Mountain Boys, sang acapella (that's all by herself, for those of you who don't speak Norwegian), and told a tale about a young man's attempts to win the hand of his true love. Her vivid description of his trials and final success held the audience enthralled (that's captive, for those of you who don't speak Algonquin).

Bluegrass Alliance rattled the walls (in a good way), Elise Witt and Friends charmed everyone with their musicianship and great harmonies, and the Hobohemians stepped off a freight train long enough to play a few sets of lively dance tunes. The only mishaps occurred when Witt's friend Jason Kenney's strings caught fire due to his fast playing, and later when Hobohemian John Amoss's accordian was set a-fire by someone who thought it was a fancy set of bellows and wanted to see how good it was at putting out flames. Otherwise it was a very good night.

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