Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back in Dahlonega


I was up in Dahlonega, Georgia again last night to host another Mountain Music & Medicine Show. We had a large crowd, and some of them were even attending on purpose. The musicians were terrific. Little Country Giants, Kinney & Blackmon, and Smokey's Farmland Band all played loud and lively enough to cause the chairs to vibrate and the roof to lose a few shingles. The crowd was very enthusiastic.

The audience was so enthusiastic, in fact, that they bought very little of my elixir! They were too energized by the music. I must take that into account the next time I visit North Georgia. My show must be entertaining and uplifting, but not too uplifting. Somewhere between a funeral dirge and a zydeco marathon, I should think. But with mandolins.

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