Sunday, February 12, 2012

He Signs His Checks With Xs

I'm proud to say that I can read an write. Education is a valuable thing. I knew a cowboy who couldn't read or write and just signed his name with an "X". It almost got him into trouble.

Being illiterate normally never caused "Two-Toed" Frank any problems, since he only went to the bank in between cattle drives to deposit the money he'd earned.

He lived like that for a number of years and managed to save quite a bit. Then "Two-Toed" married the ranch owner's daughter. The month after the wedding, the banker he deposited money with rode out to the ranch with a posse.

"I just noticed that you withdrew a hundred dollars," said the banker, and I was concerned that you were in trouble."

"Naw, I just got married and needed some money to get set up" said "Two-Toed". "But you saw me sign the check, so why did you think otherwise?"

"Because," said the banker, "you signed the withdrawal slip with three "X"s instead of one. I thought you were trying to tell me something."

"Oh that," said the cowboy. "My wife thinks that I need to act more respectible-like, so I added a middle and last name."

[NOTE: If you think you've heard this before somewhere, you probably have. I'm just too tired to tell you about Bleb's singing career.]

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