Sunday, June 13, 2010

Piedmont College Bluegrass Festival

Vic & Curtis BlackwellI was up in Demorest, Georgia yesterday for their first bluegrass festival at the new Arrendale outdoor amphitheatre. They had a terrific bunch of performers -- The Buzzard Mountain Boys, American HoneyJohn Oliver & Carmel Ridge; the Solstice Sisters, Curtis Blackwell & the Dixie Bluegrass Boys (Vic and Curtis pictured above), Mountain Hoodoo, Bluebilly Grit, the Foxfire Boys, American Honey & the Wild Turkeys; Hawkproof Rooster and the Musselwhite Family (Molly Musselwhite pictured at right). Those Musselwhite kids have a hard time cracking a grin, but they produce a great sound. Bluebilly Grit is another family-based band that gets better every time I hear them -- and they were good to begin with!

MMMS castThe weather was a mixed bag -- it was cloudy but hot enough to melt my cardboard collar. It's a good thing that the cast and crew of the Mountain Music & Medicine Show always have plenty of funeral parlor fans and Wizard Water© on hand to help them keep cool! I look forward to doing this again next year -- thanks to everyone who made this such a great event!

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