Sunday, November 20, 2011

Things to Be Thankful For

  1. Ten cords of firewood, stacked and dry under the shed.
  2. A clean chimney, from which all starling nests have been removed.
  3. A bin full of coal, even though it cost you your gambling winnings.
  4. A roof that doesn't leak because you spent two days putting down new tarpaper.
  5. Sweet potatoes all dug up and curing in the basement.
  6. A ham and a turkey, though they cost almost as much as the coal.
  7. A well-fed, newly-shod mule who doesn't have foot-rot.
  8. Two sacks of cornmeal, a sack of sugar, ditto coffee beans and 20 tins of oysters.
  9. No plans to travel out of town on business.
  10. A wife guaranteed all the previous things, and who is therefore willing to fix you dinner.
copyright ©2011 Laurie J. Anderson, all rights reserved.

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