Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Life of a Business Man

Doc and Thaddeus Augustus

It's been a busy week. While in Cartersville, I unwisely left a box of gunpowder near Bleb's feedbag. Bleb is not particular about what he eats. A day later, after I won the shooting contest award for originality, Bleb broke wind and most of the Wizard Water© bottles as well. He was at least a quarter mile away from the crowds, but the sound was quite clear.

Despite losing most of my product I nearly made a profit in Cartersville. That is, until someone pointed out that most card decks don't carry seven aces. I tried to explain that it was a French deck, but the gentlemen at the table felt that it was best if I played by American rules. Then, considering my involvement in the earlier incidents, they insisted that I return all funds and leave town as soon as possible. I thought this was very generous of them, because most gambling establishments don't give you a running head start.

Since then I've been busy restocking my Wizard Water© supply. I should be ready for my appointment in Dahlonega this coming weekend. I will be there at the usual spot on Saturday, Nov. 6, if the sheriff doesn't object.

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