Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gold Rush Time Again!

Well folks, it seems the sheriff and the mayor of Dahlonega have gotten over the chicken incident and I’ve been asked back to once more emcee their annual Gold Rush Days next weekend. There will be music, food, art and craft booths, demonstrations of talent, contests of skill AND a parade. And many of these won't cost you a nickel, courtesy of the Dahlonega Jaycees!

I'll be on the public square hosting the hog calling contest, as well as other competitions: crosscut sawing, pipe smoking, wrist wrestling, clogging, beard growing and telling tall tales (better known as the liar’s contest), to name just a few.

Will Miss Sadie win the buck dancing contest again this year? Will the Lingerfelts still have any pickled green tomatoes for sale? How fast can an unoccupied wheelbarrow go? Learn the answers to these and other important questions on October 17 and 18. Get to town early to find a good spot to park your buggy!

* * *

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