Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mountain Music & Medicine Show at Athfest

Sunday: I'm hitching up Bleb to the wagon and heading for Athens, Georgia to host a special production of the Mountain Music and Medicine Show tonight. The "pre-show" starts at 7:30 p.m., and features 92-year-old fiddler Earl Murphy (who I believe is a medicine show veteran himself), and the duo known as Hawk-Proof Rooster, who count Mr. Murphy among their musical influences. Between them and The Solstice Sisters, the Packway Handle Band and other special guests, you can bet there will be some mighty fine music filling the Morton Theater tonight! Since the show runs until after 10 p.m., I'll likely be home too late to post anything here. Check back Monday or Tuesday for an update (better yet, come to the show if you can)!

Packway Handle BandTuesday night after the show: The show went well and everyone had a good time, despite the heat. It was at least 80 degrees Farenheit inside the theater, but cooler than outside the theater! The sheriff kindly let us get a running head start as we left town, once we promised to go by way of the river road. This would help us to avoid running into all the traffic on the main highway, he said, as well as the town council that pays his salary.

Maggie HunterBuzzard Mountain BoysMany thanks to all the folks who helped out and worked so hard! My wife took some photographs, and this time managed not to ignite the stage curtains with flash powder. I look forward to the next Mountain Music and Medicine Show in September. In the meantime I plan to catch my breath, feed Bleb and dry out the wagon.

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